CrossFit PIA opened its doors at the 4S Ranch Village in September this year, offering what it terms “a different kind of fitness” to the community: A broad, general and inclusive fitness system designed to increase capability.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a gym enthusiast , or a housewife, the Crossfit difference has the stuff to make you better at whatever you do. And it’s visible as soon as you walk in the facility.

First, there are no machines (well, almost none). There are several Concept 2 rowing machines, but that is it. The philosophy is simple — members need to learn to work with the most important machine first…their own bodies. To do this, CrossFit takes the basics and the best from several different disciplines and combines them into a single comprehensive training system. Members learn movements from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, speed and distance running, and even power lifting. This unique approach leads many to describe CrossFit as the “sport of fitness”.

Participants definitely realize a competitive edge with most CrossFit workouts. Usually, workouts are conducted in small to large groups. Members get to compete with each other and usually they also compete against the clock. The idea is not to do the most work; rather, the idea is to do the most work correctly. That’s why there are always at least two CrossFit certified trainers per class, training experts whose goal is to motivate and instruct members during their workouts.

What really separates CrossFit PIA from other fitness facilities are the people involved with the unique facility. The owners, Al and Doug, live right here in 4S Ranch. The trainers are also products of our growing community. Jared, Kevin and Lee have been providing quality training in the area for about four years, and now they call CrossFit PIA home. With more than 17 years of combined training experience, they not only know what they are doing – but they also are directly responsible for thousands of lost pounds of body fat and inches for clients over the years.

The beauty of Crossfit is in its “scalability”. Anyone can do it — regardless of age, condition or ability. Another distinction is the care and quality given to properly assess each client’s individual needs. Before participating in Crossfit group training classes, each member is taught nine basic movements that serve as the foundation for everything else involved in the program.

During these individual or small group training classes, the trainers not only get to know the members – but they also get to know their bodies. This personal involvement enables the trainers to customize any workout to the unique needs of the member. In many fitness facilities, the service stops as soon as you pay your membership fees. Despite paying, participants have no one to help them learn to move correctly or to guide them on how to reach their fitness goals. Even with the help of a personal trainer, the member is usually working out alone and paying on average about $60 a week for access and training (and some members actually often pay a lot more than that).

But that is not the case at CrossFit PIA. Members never work out alone. The trainers are always there, ready to lead their members through another tough workout or ready to answer another tough question.

“They’re always there for me,” said member Patricia Ortiz. “I’ve trained with Lee and his team for over a year and I have gotten outstanding results. I feel like every workout was built just for me every time. They really care about me and my goals and it shows in the quality and creativity of the programs that they design.”

Training starts at 6a.m. and goes until 9 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, the staff opens the doors for everyone at 9:30 a.m. and 11a.m. for a free CrossFit workout.

And, of course, the Crossfit staff is always quite responsive to the needs of the members. They have the flexibility to come early or stay later to take care of members. “That’s what it’s all about,” said Lee, the facility’s leader. “Here, my staff and I are able to address everything that the client needs. Whether that’s addressing dysfunction or improving performance or altering body composition, we do it all here.”

Crossfit PIA has partnered with several local health care experts to provide its members with quality, non-biased information regarding areas of health — including nutrition, cardiovascular health, posture and hormonal balance. This weekend lecture series begins in January and is completely free to the community.

“We’re so much more than a little gym,” said Lee. “We’re the place that you come to for answers and results. People deserve more from their gym than an elliptical machine and billing problems. People deserve a place that helps to put them on a path to wellness staffed by professional coaches who know the names of the members that they service. That’s what we do here at CrossFit PIA.”

It is very simple and convenient to find out more about Crossfit PIA; just stop by the facility located at 16625 Dove Canyon Road in 4S Ranch Village center next to the Chevron gasoline station. Individuals also can visit Crossfit PIA online at www.crossfit for information and details.

Or, for the more adventurous, just stop by the facility any Saturday at 9:30 a.m. or 11 a.m. for an invigorating – and free — workout. No matter what your New Year’s fitness resolutions might be, these guys have the skills to help you achieve them!