To call Kelly Canales a “soccer mom” is a very serious understatement.

Kelly has spent years shuttling two daughters to soccer games and tournaments throughout San Diego County, California and the U.S. She also spent many years attending husband Rudy’s own soccer competitions. And, today, she even travels onboard a motor home adorned with a 40-foot flaming soccer ball – just so everyone knows her primary interest.

If anything, Kelly is a “super soccer mom”!

She’s also a department manager at Nordstrom (in Fashion Valley), a company she’s worked at for 17 years – but it’s clear soccer is her passion…and the family’s passion.

It all began when Kelly and Rudy – a Sentry Insurance supervisor who is also involved with the PQ Premier Soccer Club – married 20 years ago and she spent years watching Rudy play the game. “He was a great soccer player,” she said. “Before we were even married we would travel all over to soccer tournaments and I would watch Rudy play. I loved it!”

In fact, Rudy Canales has been a club soccer player for 32 years and has many years of youth and club coaching experience.

The Canales moved to Rancho Penasquitos in 1999 from Salt Lake City when Rudy received a job promotion. “We had high school friends (in Orange County) who lived in PQ, so we were familiar with the area,” Kelly said. “We knew this was a very central area and knew it would be a great place to raise a family.”

And PQ proved the perfect location for the couple’s two daughters to continue the family tradition of playing soccer.

Miranda, 15, currently attends Westview High School and has played the past eight years with the PQ Premier Soccer Club, typically competing with girls 1-2 years older. She also plays high school soccer (on junior varsity as a freshman, and making varsity as a sophomore) and is currently participating with a Surf Soccer League club.

Miranda’s soccer success is further highlighted by the fact that she was diagnosed last about a year ago with Type 1 Diabetes. “Miranda has showed extreme strength in dealing with this new chapter in her life,” her mother said. “This is such a huge life-changing disease that it really requires a lot of adjustments.”

But Mirana is quite resilient, according to Kelly, and often gives speeches to classes at school about the disease – and spent time this summer volunteering at a diabetes camp for youths under age 12.

Daughter Marley, 12, also has played soccer for eight years – one year of recreation league and the remaining years with the PQ Premier Soccer Club. Last year, Marley was scouted by CalSouth Soccer Club and invited to try out for their Young Olympian Soccer Program (and judged to be among the top 36 players in the region). Again this year, she was scouted by CalSouth and asked to try out for the team’s Olympic Development Program. She again was chosen in the top 36 participants, and was named among the top 18 players at a CalSouth regional tournament in Oregon in May – leading to participation in a top soccer camp at the University of Idaho.

“We love soccer as a family,” Kelly said. “And we also enjoy eating dinner together on a nightly basis – even if it’s 8:30 p.m. after all the soccer games and practices are over.”

And what about that motor home, which they’ve had for a few years? “We enjoy camping in our motor home at the beach,” Kelly noted. “We love to build a fire and make smores.”

But despite all the fun the family had camping, according to Kelly, it just wasn’t quite complete. So at the beginning of this year, the Canales had the motor home re-painted, asking a graphic artist to paint a 40-inch soccer ball (with flames shooting out behind the ball) on each side of the vehicle.

“It just seemed something was missing,” Kelly said.