Participating, Coaching a True Family Affair for PQ Family

Just ask Tom and Amy Summers about their family’s biggest common interest – and they don’t even hesitate: Sports!

The Summers family moved to the Park Village neighborhood in Rancho Penasquitos in 2006, after Tom – a National Accounts Executive for a wholesale building materials company – was transferred. And after researching schools and youth sports opportunity, choosing PQ was an easy decision.

Tom has made a personal commitment to give back to the sport of lacrosse through his involvement in coaching

Of course, it also didn’t hurt that Amy, an instructional assistant at Westview High School, had an identical twin sister and her family already living in the community.

So how big is sports participation to this family? Well, all four of their children are involved to start, including football (both Pop Warner and Westview High School), lacrosse (Penasquitos Tigers and Westview High School), and recreational soccer for the youngest family member, 8-year-old Mikaela, a third grader at Park Village Elementary.

“In August, that meant making it to 24 practices for the family members (or getting help from car pools…),” according to Tom.
The Summers’ other children are Chris, a sophomore at Westview High School; Brent an eighth grader at Mesa Verde Middle School; and T.J., a fifth grader at Park Village.

And all are thrilled with living in Rancho Penaquitos, especially with family so close.

“We actually live just five houses down the street from my sister and her family (husband and three children),” Amy said. “All seven cousins are great friends. When we show up at events, they all roll out of the car and people can’t believe how much they look alike.”
She added that both she and Tom feel extremely lucky to have such a close extended family in the community.

In addition to all the participation by the children in local sports activities, Tom – a native of central New York – has made a personal commitment to give back to the sport of lacrosse through his involvement in coaching. Not only is he an assistant lacrosse coach at Westview High School, but he also was involved in establishing the San Diego Youth Lacrosse Festival, which is held locally every February.

The boys and girls youth event includes teams from as far away as Texas and Colorado. And the 2011 edition (5th Annual) will feature 50 teams from around the western United States.

“The lacrosse festival is a true family affair,” Tom said. “Everyone pitches in to ensure that all attendees have a great experience.”