Westview’s Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps ranked 12th at the recent National Drill, Academic and Athletic Championship at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida.  Only 25 of the nation’s 632 NJROTC units qualified for the event.

Westview qualified for their second trip in three years to Nationals by placing second at the state championship in Santa Ana in February.

“We knew we had an outstanding chance of going back to Nationals because we won three out of four qualifiers this year,” said Westview’s Senior Naval Science Instructor, CDR Rick Jordan, USN (ret).   “Our cadets have been practicing hard after school every day and their hard work paid off.  Nationals was definitely one of our goals this year.”

Forty Navy JROTC cadets flew on a Navy C-9 transport from Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island for the flight to Pensacola.  Highlights of the competition included:

  • A Uniform Inspection where cadets were graded on how they marched in and out of the drill pad, uniform appearance and general NJROTC knowledge.  Leading the Battalion was Cadet Commander Nathan Wilson.  Immediately following Inspection, the four member color guard team competed.
  • The athletic portion of the event, which consisted of push-ups, curl-ups, a mile relay and a 16×100 “shuttle run.”  For push-ups and curl-ups, each team had eight males and eight females perform as many as possible to cadence under the watchful eye of judges and any cadet falling out of cadence or using improper form was eliminated.   For the males, Cadet Alex Dycaico — just like two years ago — led Westview in push-up,s while Cadet Paige Cavendish led the Westview females in both push-ups and curl-ups.  Cadet Michael Kuzminskiy led the males in curl-ups.
  • A 100-question academic exam.   The academic team was led by Cadet Connor Oberrick, who also led the unit two years ago.

Westview’s best performances were a second place finish in Armed Basic Drill and and a fifth place finish in Personnel Inspection.   “We knew that we could come down here do better than we did two years ago when we finished 19th,” Jordan said.  “The level of competition was extremely high and I hope it motivates us to come back next year and do even better.  We have 80 cadets and one Instructor but we can compete against units with 150 cadets and three Instructors.”

During breaks in the competition, the unit was able to tour the National Naval Aviation Museum, and spend time at the beach.

Jordan also noted that Cadet Wilson will attend Arizona State University on a Navy ROTC Scholarship next fall, and Cadet Oberrick will either attend the University of Washington on a Marine Corps Option NROTC Scholarship or the United States Naval Academy.

Submitted by CDR Rick Jordan, USN (ret).