Most families with children have some level of sibling rivalry, but the Magill family takes it to a new level.

Kelsey and Stephanie – twin 17-year-old sisters of Kelley and James Magill – are different in many ways:  Blue-eyed Kelsey is tall with wavy hair, loves to run track, enjoys exotic foods, adores fashion trends and is an avid movie buff; green-eyed Stephanie is average height with straight hair, passionate about music and drama, more particular about her food, and usually prefers to hang out in comfortable jeans and T-shirt.

But the big difference for the girls:  One roots for the Sundevils, while the other is a Wolverine.  Older sister Christine, a Mt. Carmel High School graduate, adds to the secondary school split in the home.

The split in loyalty is a practical one, with Stephanie selecting Mt. Carmel for its orchestra and music program and Kelsey preferring to attend Westview High School to run track and be with her friends.  And, despite the divided school loyalty, the Magills enjoy many activities as a family — including going to movies, concerts, lacrosse, hiking, and their own tradition of “speedminton” (fast badminton without a net).  “Every summer we like to go to the Westview tennis courts and play a family friendly game of ‘speedminton’ on a weekly basis.” said Kelley Magill.

They also treasure their time together by throwing annual family parties for the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards and New Year’s Eve.  They also make a point of eating dinner together every night and traveling together, including trips to Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera, and Charlotte, NC to visit family.

The Magills met in 1987 in Charlotte, Kelley’s hometown.   At the time, Kelley worked at Nautilus Performance gym where James (originally from Reading, PA) worked out.  The two met when James was scheduled for an exercise test with Kelley.   Shortly thereafter, they went to a Halloween party for their first date and James proposed four days later (although they kept their engagement a secret for about six months and married a year later).

Seeking a bigger house with more bedrooms, a good school district and “close proximity to several excellent high schools,” the Magill family moved to Torrey Highlands in 2003.  They also liked being close to the beach and near bike paths and highways, which complement their active lifestyle.

During the workweek, James is busy with his job as a manager with San Diego Gas & Electric, where he has worked since 1993.  He enjoys mountain biking, martial arts and refereeing girl’s and women’s lacrosse.  For the past seven years, Kelly has been a Student Services Specialist at Los Penasquitos Elementary School in Rancho Penasquitos.  She enjoys running and has competed in an impressive 32 marathons.

A Liberal Arts major, 20-year-old Christine is in her third year at Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) and expects to earn her teaching credential.  She played lacrosse for four years in high school and recently started a women’s lacrosse team at CSUSM – in addition to currently coaching the Mt. Carmel’s JV lacrosse team.

And – despite their differences – Kelsey and Stephanie are quite close.  In fact, both expressed an interest in attending Cal State Monterey Bay after high school, possibly as roommates.