As that special holiday approaches and the kids start to clamor for Valentines fun, you may feel a little heartsick yourself. Fear not. We’ve gathered some easy Valentine crafts for you and the kids to share.

Looking for a unique way to spread the love at school without the sugar coating? Try these pencil toppers. Fashioned after the traditional candy hearts, these jaunty greetings use colorful pencils, pipe cleaners, and foam or paper hearts. Print your favorite catchy saying on each heart. Wind the pipe cleaner up the pencil and poke it through the heart for your own bouncy Valentine. Or, use popsicle sticks instead of pencils and stake bunches of them in a friend’s yard to give them a “heart attack.”

A heartfelt message more your style? Try your own missive on a pop-up card. Fold your paper in half and cut a one-inch slit down the middle. Push the slit through the opening and fold the opposite way. Paste a paper heart or other symbol on the lower half of the tab and watch it pop up when you open the card.

Looking for something that will keep your Valentine flying high? How about a “love bug”? Wrap a toilet paper roll with tissue paper, attach heart wings and pipe cleaner attennae, and paint an adoring face. Your Valentine will be smitten.

How about a place to put all your Valentines? Cut one paper plate in half and staple or tape it upside down to another full plate, to make a basket. Decorate, tie a ribbon from the top, and hang.

Have a heartthrob whose attention you really want to grab? Stuff candies and secret messages into colorful balloons which they’ll have to pop to retrieve. Or write the message on the inflated balloon, then make your Valentine blow it up again to discover what you said.

Find these and other fun ideas at the websites below, and have fun charming the loves of your life while helping them to charm theirs.

Additional Valentine ideas: