For Dakota Dickerson, kart racing is in his blood. “I’m a third generation kart racer. My grandmother and my dad used to race karts as well,” says Dakota.

Dakota himself has been racing since he was 6 years old. He won his first outdoor kart race on his 7th birthday. Since then he has won numerous championships, including the 2010 Gatorz Rotax Jr. Championship and the 2008 and 2009 LAKC Rotax Jr. Championships. His 2011 2nd place overall standing on the Super Karts USA (SKUSA) ProTour is especially noteworthy as competitors from around the world race in this series, including professional drivers.

Dakota is one hundred and ten percent committed to his sport and has the training regimen to prove it. “I do weight training, swimming and running. During the race season, I spend almost every weekend either at my home track at CalSpeed (at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA) or, because I compete in a traveling series, I’ll practice at the track of the upcoming race,” says Dakota.

[quote]“I am inspired by people who find the strength, determination and will to go beyond what they expect of themselves and push past their limitations.”
~ Dakota Dickerson[/quote]

Although training and competing take up a significant amount of Dakota’s time, he is a well-rounded high school student. He attends Westview High School where his favorite subject is Spanish. Dakota, whose primary goal is to become a professional race car driver, plans on attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in order to earn a degree in race car engineering.

In addition to racing and school, Dakota enjoys baseball, martial arts and paintball. “I have a group of friends and my dad who paintball on the weekends. I try to get to the field whenever I have free time,” says Dakota.

Dakota credits martial arts with Family Karate in Rancho Penasquitos and baseball with the Black Mountain Ballers travel baseball team for developing the focus and discipline necessary for racing. “I am inspired by people who find the strength, determination and will to go beyond what they expect of themselves and push past their limitations,” says Dakota.

“I have been lucky to have coaches who have always pushed me: Andrew Thompson with martial arts, Keith Johnson with baseball, Mike Mautner with racing and my dad with life lessons.”

He is also quick to mention how grateful he is to all his family, friends and sponsors. With support from family and friends in the community, he raised over $3,000 to attend the 15th Annual SKUSA Supernationals, where he was one of the youngest racers in his class. “Their support allowed me the resources and flexibility to compete at the highest level against the most competitive teams from around the world,” says Dakota.