Performer, producer, costume designer, musician and photographer

The Pitcher Family (Mark, Janet, and kids Christopher, Mike, Ryan & Meagan) have been living in Rancho Penasquitos since 1998 and enjoy being able to get from their home to anywhere in San Diego County quickly. “We moved here because of the great schools… but stay because of the great friends we have made,” said Janet Pitcher.

From high school plays, marching band, orchestra, and church productions, the family has always been interested in music and theater. Meagan (17) first began performing in church at the age of four and plans to pursue a theater arts degree at Southern California College after graduating in 2012. Ryan (21) has played the clarinet since fifth grade, performing in marching band and orchestra in high school, and Mike (25) was involved in theater in high school. Janet, who is also a jewelry artist and designer, started designing costumes when Meagan began performing for the American Rose Theater, based in Rancho Penasquitos.

These days, Janet designs costumes for theater companies around San Diego. She works on as many as a dozen shows in a year. She recently received a National Youth Arts award for Costume Design and a STAR award from the San Diego Arts League. Another highlight for Janet was costuming for Hairspray, directed by Meagan at the Poway Center for Performing Arts.

Mark, a systems engineer by day, gets involved with theater via photography. “He used his love of and skill for photography and became the official photographer,” said Janet.

Oldest child, Chris (28) has been serving in the Navy for the past eight years as a Naval Aviator. “Now that he is stationed in San Diego, we are able to see more of him and his new wife,” said Janet.

When not involved in their own theater activities, the family “is always on the go” and enjoys other community theater events and art shows. Mark, owner of Second Chance Restorations, also enjoys restoring vintage cars and Janet enjoys the occasional game of tennis at Canyonside Park.


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Name:  Mark and Janet Pitcher
Neighborhood:  Rancho Penasquitos
Resident Since:  1998
Occupation:  Systems Engineer and Artist, Jewelry designer, Costume designer
Kids:  Meagan (17), Ryan (21), Mike (25) and Christopher (28)
Pets:  Cody (Pomeranian),  Noelle & Casey (cats)
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