I have fun at every shoot and try to ensure that my subjects do as well,” says Zeena Gregg, owner of Zeena Gregg Photography and photographer for 92129, 92064 and 92130 Magazines.

A busy mom, photographer, writer and Scrabble enthusiast, Zeena lives in the Park Village neighborhood of Rancho Penasquitos, with her husband, Jerry, and their three children: Jordan (14), Kieran (12) and Niki (10). “We love being close to the Penasquitos preserve and canyons and have many wonderful neighbors,” says Zeena.

Living in the Park Village area was written in the stars for the Gregg family, who first moved to the neighborhood in October of 1999. They originally wanted to move to Park Village in 1994, when the homes were first built, but were unable to sell the condo they were living in at the time. Fast forward five years and they bought a home in Park Village with a familiar view. “We ended up in a home across the street from the house that we were going to purchase in 1994, so it seemed as though we were meant to be here,” says Zeena.

In 2007, she started Zeena Gregg Photography, specializing in families, children, newborns and high school seniors. “Last summer, my husband and I transformed our side yard into my very own ‘Backyard Studio’ complete with six different backdrops and some fun props,” says Zeena.[quote]“I get to photograph such a wide variety of subjects, which inspires me to be more creative. “

Zeena and Jerry will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary this year and enjoy spending the weekends at the kids’ sporting events, going to the park or just hanging out. They also love to plan little trips to surprise their kids. “One year when [the kids] were much younger, we packed up a couple of suitcases and hid them in the back of the Explorer under some blankets. We picked them up from school and told them we were going to the beach. We drove all the way up to Long Beach before they realized we were going away for the whole weekend,” says Zeena.

Zeena, who also writes for all Susco Media publications, enjoys meeting and photographing so many new people. “I get to photograph such a wide variety of subjects, which inspires me to be more creative. It is incredibly rewarding to know that my work is being published and seen by so many people,” says Zeena.