Rancho Peñasquitos resident, Bill Diehl, has made community service his own pet project. Over nearly 40 years in the same house in the Monte Sereno neighborhood, he has served on at least six different community organizations for more than 25 years.

Diehl began as a volunteer coach for the Youth Soccer League. “This is where it all started,” said Diehl. “In 1984, there was no coach for my son’s soccer team so I became a coach, then the next year Division Rep and Rep to the Park and Recreational Council and I never looked back.”

A former naval officer, Diehl seems made to serve. After 11 years of active duty and 19 years in the reserves, Diehl retired in 1994 and began serving his country on a local level. His longest commitment has been to the Park and Recreational Council, for which he is the only person to have held every office. When asked what’s motivated him to keep at it so long, he said he enjoys seeing the parks well-maintained and likes helping with community events like the Spring Egg Hunt and Oktoberfest. He also knows what a value it is to have long-standing committee members who know the ropes.

“I just like being involved,” said Diehl, “and over the years I have come to know how park projects get done while dealing with the city.” Diehl’s wealth of knowledge has made him an asset to the Peñasquitos East Maintenance District for 22 years, to the Rancho Peñasquitos Planning Board for 18 years, and more recently to the San Diego City Park and Recreational Board and Black Mountain Open Space Citizens Advisory Council. In recognition of his many years of service, Diehl was the first to receive the Rancho Peñasquitos Town Council Volunteer of the Year award in 2004.

In the little free time Diehl saves for himself, he enjoys cooking and traveling with his wife of 37 years, Loretta, and visiting his son, William, in Yuma, Arizona.

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Name: William(Bill) Diehl
Age: 65
Family:Spouse-Loretta, Son-William(33),
Profession:11 Years Active Duty Navy, 19 Years Naval Reserve, Retired 1994 as AVCM(E-9)
Education:BA Chapman College
Neighborhood:Monte Sereno (Ridgewood)

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