by Kathy Loy |  photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

As the residents of Rancho Peñasquitos (PQ) may have noticed over the years, there are banners hanging from a number of street lamp stanchions located on the main thoroughfares in our community. These banners are a source of revenue for the PQ Town Council’s grant program and the most visible part of the Rancho Peñasquitos Banner District (RPBD). The program offers eligible groups and entities the opportunity to showcase banners along several main roads in town.

These increasingly commonplace banner street districts are a colorful and highly effective method of communicating information and creating awareness for important civic and cultural events. The PQ banner district was created to decorate the public spaces of our town, and distinctively highlights Rancho Peñasquitos’ historic characteristics and just as importantly, provides a pleasant aesthetic backdrop.

Currently, the RPBD is acting in partnership with the San Diego County Fair (formerly known as the Del Mar Fair) and will be releasing 40 new banners in late May. The theme of this year’s fair is the wonders of the universe and its exploration. The fair’s exhibits will center on astronauts, the space program and science fiction pop culture. The RPBD advertised in both print journals and on the internet looking for 40 people who work in the field of space to feature on its banners. An impressive number of Peñasquitos residents came forward and were photographed. Start looking soon to see how many neighbors and friends you may know.

The San Diego Fair banners will be taken down in early August. This creates an opportunity for a new group to showcase their upcoming event while supporting the Town Council grants program.

If you are a business, non-profit, or other entity interested in participating in the RPBD program, or know someone who is, please contact us through our website or (858-430-9449).