Our challenging curriculum and exceptional programs help to create a unique educational environment that nurtures a lifelong love of learning,” said Jean Kim, founder and Head of School at The Cambridge School.

The Cambridge School, which provides its students with a classical Christian education, was founded in the fall of 2006 as a result of Kim’s search for educational options for her own children. “Classical Christian education was a compelling model, but I couldn’t find any such schools in San Diego at the time,” said Kim, a long-time educator, Yale graduate and mother of three.

According to Kim, The Cambridge School occupies a unique niche in San Diego’s educational landscape as a school that is both academically rigorous and spiritually robust. “A Cambridge education cultivates students marked by both virtue and scholarship, both intelligence and character, and [fosters] love of God and neighbor,” said Kim.

The classical model of education teaches students how to master basic terminology and concepts, analyze, order and synthesize information and how to communicate conclusions persuasively and eloquently. As stated by Kim, these tools of learning are then applied to specific subject matter until they are mastered. “This tried and true model of education is based on the historic liberal arts and has great strength, not only in the humanities, but also in math, science and the arts. This results in an educational experience that is demanding, yet encourages joyful discovery while promoting academic and personal excellence,” said Kim.

The Cambridge School currently serves 136 pre-K through 6th grade students and is launching a middle school program in the fall, with plans to gradually expand to a K-12 school. “Our students come from diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds,” said Natalie Balmer, Admissions Coordinator.

Small class sizes are also important at The Cambridge School, and each classroom is staffed with a full-time teacher and aide. As mentioned by Kim, The Cambridge School has distinguished faculty members, most of whom have MAs and two of whom have Ph.Ds. “Our teachers have more than just academic pedigrees; they love to learn themselves, love their students and this model of education and are gifted at teaching,” said Kim. The Cambridge School is accepting applications for the 2012-13 school year. For additional information, please visit



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Name of School: The Cambridge School
Head of School: Jean Kim
Position/Title: Founder and Head of School
Year of Establishment: 2006
Number of Staff: 30
Number of Students: 136

Address: 10075 Azuaga Street, San Diego, CA 92129
Email contact:
Phone: 858-484-3488
Mission: The Cambridge School provides an academically rigorous and spiritually robust classical and Christian education for San Diego families

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