“Aye, Aye Sir!” was shouted over forty new Westview Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) Cadets when told to “Fall in!” by the Battalion Commanding Officer, Cadet Commander Francis Garcia. The new cadets were falling into formation, the week prior to the start of school, to begin the process of learning basic military drill movements.

“We contact the new cadets who registered for ROTC last spring or over the summer and invite them to attend two days of introductory training,” stated Garcia. “We want to start teaching them the ‘Westview Way’ as quickly as possible while giving them a chance to see if the program is something they want to do.”

New cadets arrived each day at 0830 and were instructed by the Battalion Staff Cadets. They were given PowerPoint briefs by the Team Commanders on the drill teams, were fitted for uniforms, learned basic military drill, interacted with the Unit Leadership, performed physical fitness and played team sports.

“Even though it was hot, my favorite activity was the blind-folded team building obstacle course,” explained new cadet Thomas Johnson. “Also, being able to see the variety of teams made me join three: Marksmanship, Armed Exhibition Drill and Color Guard.”

New cadet Max Baloun added “During uniform instruction, we learned how to position our name-tags, ribbons, and other items on our uniform that we wear on Thursdays during school. As a new cadet, I learned a lot from this instruction, and I enjoyed meeting other new cadets.”

Audrey Riggs, a junior at Westview and first year cadet, recalled she was nervous going into the first day. “Immediately, I was accepted as part of the NJROTC family. All members of our leadership team were eager to help the new cadets learn basic military commands, ranks, and how to prepare our uniforms for inspections,” stated Riggs, who’s also a member of Westview’s water polo team.

CDR Rick Jordan is the Senior Naval Science Instructor for Westview Navy JROTC. “New Cadet Indoc gives us a chance to get a jump on the school year. This year we actually gained numbers after the school year started. We have 120 cadets which is the largest number the unit’s ever had,” commented Jordan. “We have a very enthusiastic group of first year cadets this year.”


Cadet Lieutenant Commander Christian Flowers (left) and Cadet Chief Petty Officer Amy Musso (right) lead Westview NJROTC’s new cadets in a formation run during New Cadet Indoctrination training.