John Ruffu, owner and swim coach at Swim 2 John, recently taught 30-month-old spina bifida patient, Fernando Gallego, to swim. During the second week of learning to swim, Fernando learned to walk. His therapist told his mother that his swim lessons were very instrumental in him walking without crutches. Marcia Gallego, Fernando’s mother, explained, “Fernando started swimming lessons with John just after a few weeks of a brain surgery. The big surprise was that after two weeks of lessons he was swimming and also walking independently. We spent a lot time in hospitals this last summer but the end of it was a total success with this important achievement.” Over the past 10 years, parents of challenged children have seen incredible advancement in their kids through a learn to swim teaching process based on multiple concepts used by special needs organizations. These concepts develop independence for children in or recovering from developmental delays. John uses these methods on every child he teaches to swim, challenged or not. You can learn more about John at