All classes are complimentary, open to the public and held at the Rancho Peñasquitos Branch Library. Classes run from 6:30 – 7:50 p.m.

May 21

Protect Your Home from Fires

Tips and training on how to assess potential fire hazards in and around your home; Prioritizing projects; Free internet sites to help protect your home from fires.

Presented by Dennis Speer, Co-chair of Peñasquitos Fire Safe Council.

June 11

Neighborhood Watch

This is not the neighborhood watch you think you know. The program has moved into the modern age and provides many services directly from the police department to you. Learn how you can help your friends and neighbors in stressful times. Presented by Officer Susan Steffan, Public Affairs Officer for the San Diego Police Department.

July 24

Insurance Assurance

Presented by Kaye Coates of United Policy Holders, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeowners pre-assess their insurance needs and recover after a catastrophic event. You may think you are covered but might be surprised.

August 20

Medical Reserve Corps

As a professional in any medical discipline, have you always figured that you could show up and volunteer your services in the case of a catastrophic event? Unless you are pre-registered, vetted or at your own facility, that may not be the case. Come and hear how easy it is to be a medical volunteer. Presented by Melissa Dredge, Volunteer Coordinator with the County Health and Human Services Agency.

September 10

Creating Your Own Family Evacuation Plan

Organize a family evacuation plan; Prioritize items that need to be protected; Other important things to remember to take; Where to go and how to get the family back together; Let others know you’re safe. Presented by the PERC Board.

October 8

Pet Safety and Evacuation during Emergencies

It’s important to prepare for all the members of your family. This includes your pet(s). They will need special attention during stressful times. The seminar will provide great tips and explain their plans and helpful actions. Presented by Lt. Kalani Hudson of the County Department of Animal Services.

November 12

Cyber Security

At this Securing Our eCity Social Networking Workshop, you will learn how you can take immediate steps to help improve you and your family’s online safety while leveraging benefits the Internet offers. Presented by Liz Frauman, Executive Director of Securing Our eCity Foundation.



· Protecting Yourself from Fraud – To be presented by Postal Investigators from the US Postal Service

· Urban Survival; Surviving in Place – To be presented by a published and well-known survival expert.

· Water Storage in the San Diego Desert we call home.

· Other topics as suggested by any member of our community.

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