by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

It was a mutual love for sports that initially brought Kevin and Thekla Keegan together. “Both of us were active volleyball players in community leagues and we were introduced through the network,” said Kevin. Today the couple’s passion for sports has been passed down to their three sons, Michael (15), Cade (13) and Joshua(11), who play basketball, lacrosse, volleyball and surf.

Kevin – who is vice president at a biotechnology company and an active volunteer with the American Heart Association, and Thekla – who is very involved with her church and the PTA, moved their family from the Bay Area to Rancho Peñasquitos in 2001, a move they have never regretted. “It’s truly a community and we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else,” offered Kevin.

1They settled into a house on Renato Street, where the annual Christmas Card Lane event takes place. “We love the community feel of our neighborhood during Christmas,” Kevin said. “Everyone is out, fire pits lit, socializing and having fun together. Everyone knows each other and enjoys the season together.”

The Keegans felt that the schools were an added bonus to living in 92129, and lately, they have been spending most of their time all of them. “[We have] three boys running around to multiple sporting practices and games every night,” described Kevin. “We spend loads of time at ‘The Mount’ (Mt. Carmel High School’s home basketball court). Basketball is a dominant force in our family.”

Indeed it is. In addition to playing for fun (the boys have started shooting their own videos of all-star basketball shots, and the family actually paved their backyard to resemble a basketball court), Michael plays for the high school varsity basketball team at Mt. Carmel and Cade and Joshua play in the Sundevil Basketball Club. Kevin, who also plays in an adult league, has coached the Rancho Peñasquitos Basketball (RPB) organization for six years and has been on the board for the Sundevil Basketball Club for five years.

“It’s truly a community and we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”


Aside from basketball, the family loves to spend time at the beach. “Thekla was born and raised in Molokai, HI, so, of course, the ocean is a major part of our life,” stated Kevin. “All of us now surf at some level. This is our fun time and how we unwind from the stress of work, school and…basketball!”

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Parents:  Kevin (44), Thekla (49)

Community:  Renato Street on Christmas Card Lane since 2001

Parents Hometown: Kevin – Boise, ID; Thekla – Molokai, HI

Parents Occupation: Kevin – VP of Acute Care Business Unit, Alere; Thekla – Homemaker, Community/School Volunteer

Children: Michael (15), 10th grade, Mt. Carmel High School

Cade (13), 8th grade, Black Mountain Middle School

Joshua (11), 5th grade, Sunset Hills Elementary School

Pets: Gracie, a boxer

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