Having been a single mother herself, Victoria (Vicki) Harr recently published a book about how God looks at single moms, their unique challenges, and how to be an overcomer, even in their present situation. Just like her previous two books, she writes out of her own personal journey, and provides practical and spiritual insight as well as hope for the single mom.

The book begins with how God views single mothers and their children in a very distinctive way. God’s heart is on the side of a single mother and her children. He’s their biggest cheerleader. Her stresses are different than those who are married or single without children. Her challenges are different. But God has made provision for those differences and delights to give her promises unique to her situation. This book is different from a parenting book in that it primarily focuses on the single mother’s circumstances and how to triumph over them. It looks at some single mothers in the Bible and examines their feelings and decisions to discover how their life’s lessons might apply to the contemporary single mother.

Almost everyone’s life is or has been touched by a single mom—you either know one, or you are (or were) one. It is no longer a rarity to raise children alone. As our culture has changed, so have the issues, but the answers provided in the Bible do not. Included are “handy hints” showing others how to support a single mother and her children. Many of the principles are also applicable to single fathers too. Since more and more grandparents are raising their grandchildren alone, many of the situations presented in the book are applicable even to single grandmothers.

Single Mom??? What Now???  is available in both paperback and for your Kindle at: www.amazon.com/Victoria-Harr/e/B00CSV7OVC.

As an E-BOOK, for all other reading devices such as your iPhone (or other smart phone), iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, the Sony Reader, the Kobo Reader, and the Amazon Kindle reader, you may sample and purchase it at: www.smashwords.com/books/view/304283.

You may contact Victoria (Vicki) Harr at:  Victoria@grandmotherslegacy.com or view her other two books, Spiritual Gifts, A Grandmother’s Legacy to Her Grandchildren and A Grandmother’s Life, as Told to Her Grandchild  through her web site at: www.grandmotherslegacy.com.