“Our 13-year-old son, Sean, was diagnosed with Guillain–Barré syndrome on May 9. This is a debilitating condition where your immune system attacks your nerves, which can lead to paralysis of varying degrees. In Sean’s case, he was paralyzed from the neck down and on a ventilator and feeding tubes. A couple of complications during this time were very scary. We are happy to report that, slowly but surely, Sean is getting better. Recovery is a long process but with Sean’s strength, determination and positive attitude we know how this will end – with a full recovery.

We are not sure how to even begin to say thank you. We live in such an amazing and supportive community. Recently, there was a “Walk for Sean” held in Sean’s honor at Canyonside Recreation Center and the outpouring of support was truly inspiring. Some of our very close friends put the entire event on in just six days. The Kitts, Leonard, Padiderio, Del Rio, Neal, Ratzlaff and Jackson families are all to thank for their time in making the event such a success. [pullquote align=”left”]”Sean is an amazing athlete, having been a Pop Warner superstar since he was five, to taking his team last year as the star quarterback through an undefeated season to the championship. Sean, having been a star baseball player/pitcher for RPLL for many years, has a TOC championship win under his belt as well. He is also the star on the basketball court having played for RPB for many years, and other teams such as the Mt. Carmel Sundevils, and most recently for the Black Mountain Ballers where he led the team to the championship last winter season. Sean attracts everyone to him with his wit, humor and general sense of joyful charm. He is truly a very special and beloved kid.”    – Julia Kitts (92129 resident since 2003)[/pullquote]Their efforts drew almost 500 people and raised over $10,000. The people who came to support our family came from all different times in Sean’s life. There were Sean’s teammates, coaches, classmates, teachers, family and friends. Some we had not seen in years, some were friends of friends, and some were people we didn’t even know personally, but just came to support us. Sean will never understand the love that was in the park that day; the feeling was truly spectacular. To all of you, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are incredibly blessed to have all of you to support us during this difficult time. You are the ones who are helping to get our family and Sean through this. We will never forget all that you have done for us, and you will be forever in our hearts.”


With much love,

Jerry, Jesika, Sean, Jane and Claire Casey