Xtend Barre is the most diverse ballet barre workout on the market and will open its fourth San Diego location in Santaluz on Monday, Sept. 16. Xtend Barre is a high energy workout that combines serious sculpting exercises done at the ballet barre with lively music. But, the class doesn’t revolve around pirouettes. It’s a tough, no-holds barre (get it?) workout packed with isometric exercises that make your guns, buns, abs – and everything else – scream with delight. The toning is paired with stretches and Pilates techniques that elongate the muscles to help you stand taller.

The result? A strong, sculpted “dancer-like” body without unwanted bulk, and increased stamina and flexibility. Each class is a full-body emersion that lasts 60 minutes and results show quickly.

“Clients love that they are in and out in an hour and that they are guaranteed a full body workout that is fun and extremely effective” explained Kendra Koder, owner of Xtend Barre Santaluz. “After two or three classes, you really start to feel and see results – it’s that good.”

Created by former dancer and choreographer Andrea Rogers, the Xtend Barre Workout combines exercises at a professional ballet barre with precise concentrated movements to target small muscle groups. Plies, releves and a series of ballet inspired cardio exercises are combined with Pilates principals as well as light weight training. The focus is on “shaping” muscles by first increasing muscle strength and then lengthening the muscles by stretching.

An array of props like resistance balls, weights, stretch bands and more also keep you on your toes.

Xtend Barre Santaluz will host a two week grand opening celebration kicking off on Monday, Sept. 16 with two free classes daily for one week to give clients the opportunity to try the workout and feel the burn. The full class schedule starts on Saturday, Sept. 22 and discounted class packages will be offered for a limited time. The celebration culminates with two grand opening classes the morning of Saturday, Sept. 28 complete with a 60 minute Xtend Barre workout, swag bags and raffle giveaways. Tickets for the grand opening classes are $25 each and a portion of event proceeds will benefit the San Diego Ronald McDonald House. A reception will follow each class with light bites, healthy drinks and a shopping event featuring Stella & Dot jewelry and more. Reservations classes can be made online at www.xtendbarresantaluz.com or call 858.304.0636 or email info@xtendbarresantaluz.com.