Some girls just want to have fun. But for Ashlin Morey, fun means playing football at Mt. Carmel High School (MCHS). The freshman kicker is doing well so far, kicking off games and scoring extra points with field goal kicks. It’s only expected, since Ashlin is also an avid soccer player, as a member of competitive soccer with Albion Premier. According to her coaches, Ashlin was not allowed to participate in a football game until she could tackle and be tackled. She was a little timid at first, but has grown accustomed to the physical play of football. “Her coaches at Mt. Carmel have been extremely supportive of her being on the team, and make sure she’s well protected,” said her
father, Mitchel.
In addition to a busy sports schedule, Ashlin still maintains good grades. She is one of eight freshmen football players to have a 4.0 GPA after the first six weeks of school, and is even shooting for AP classes down the road. But the homework doesn’t stop her from giving it her all out on the field. “With her willingness to learn and desire to be the best, Ashlin is becoming a better football player each day,” said her coach, John Holmes. Ashlin’s goal is to also make the varsity girls soccer team at MCHS before she graduates. With ambition and brains, she’s sure to go far.