photos by by Zeena Gregg Photography

It’s a Tall Order, but Macy Gipson Reaches Great Heights

It may be a tall order for a sixteen-year-old girl to be smart, sporty, driven, responsible and caring, but PQ resident Macy Gipson delivers on all counts. With her 6’2” stature, it is inevitable that Macy is able to reach great heights, figuratively and literally. This Westview High School junior uses her physique to her advantage, leading the varsity basketball team with the most blocked shots for the 2012-2013 season. This year she is serving as a team captain while still maintaining an impressive 4.25 GPA. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Macy proclaimed, “I love Westview because of its rigorous academic courses and great athletic program.”

“My family, coaches, best friends, and pastors all encourage me to keep my faith strong, live with integrity and put my best  foot forward.”

This hoopster teen’s future plan is to play basketball in college and eventually become a doctor, specializing in either pediatrics or sports medicine. Macy’s favorite class is Biomedical Technology, which emphasizes her lifelong love of science. Macy elaborated, “I have always had a passion for science. When I was little, I asked my mom to read me recipes instead of bedtime stories. As I grew up, I went from liking kitchen chemistry to biomimicry to marine biology to my dream job of being a doctor.”
Student_Macy_InfoIn addition to being athletically-fit and academically-inclined, Macy is also a sweet-natured soul who strives to make the world a better place. Just this last summer, she was one of only twelve girl scouts from across the U.S. who attended a two-week Outward Bound community service trip to Costa Rica. Working with a representative from the Peace Corps, Macy engaged in enriching activities such as painting a local school, playing with the local schoolchildren, tidying up the beach to ease sea turtle hatcheries, replanting native trees in the rainforest and clearing a path for a nature trail. Macy recalled, “It was an amazing experience and I hope to go back soon.”
A devoted Girl Scout since her kindergarten years, Macy has logged 150+ hours volunteering for the program, including working as a camp counselor and teaching the counselors-in-training. She also volunteers at her church, and is a counselor at the Forest Home Christian Camps. Macy cites her loved ones as her inspiration, and revealed, “My family, coaches, best friends and pastors all encourage me to keep my faith strong, live with integrity and put my best foot forward.” She has done that in leaps and bounds.