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PQ Veterinarian
Dr. Miranda Alexander Helps All San Diegans Care For Their
Best Friends

Although she has resided in North Clairemont for the past twenty-two years, Dr. Miranda Alexander’s real ‘home’ lies in helping the homeless in 92129 and beyond. She does this by practicing an occupation she dreamed of since the age of eight: being a veterinarian. She works as a small animal veterinarian at the Peñasquitos Pet Clinic on Carmel Mountain road and she also helps the homeless and those of very low income by caring for something highly cherished and valued: their pets.

Dr. Alexander volunteers as a member of ‘Father Joe’s Vets.’ Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Kevin May, an equine veterinarian, placed an ad looking for a group of vets who would provide a vaccination and vet consult service to homeless and very low income pet owners – many of whom are veterans – and Dr. Alexander and Dr. May are the founding members. In addition to the nucleus of Dr. May and Dr. Alexander, vets currently involved are Drs. Juan Pablo Romero and Sharon Sprouse. St. Vincent de Paul shelter downtown generously allows Father Joe’s Vets to use their space, and each vet donates their own vaccines.

If Dr. Alexander were granted one wish, “I would like one or two more vets and vet assistants to volunteer and who are committed to this cause for the long haul.” The human/animal bond crosses every sociological and economic boundary, and as Dr. Alexander explained, “These are really important pets. They are pets who give company, comfort and protection for their owners.”

In addition to a love of hiking the canyons of East Poway with her husband and their dogs, Dr. Alexander enjoys gardening and being a part of a 50+ Irish family, who meets yearly at a reunion somewhere in America. She also, maybe surprisingly, loves to read fantasy and science fiction novels. Her joy, though, is all things veterinary. In addition to twenty-five years volunteering with Father Joe’s Vets, Dr. Alexander has mentored UCSD students who want to be veterinarians, and for the past three years has been the only veterinary doctor involved with the July Veteran’s Stand Down Campout in Balboa Park.

As a thirty year resident of San Diego, Dr. Miranda Alexander is the cat’s meow. And the dog’s. And a population grateful of her awareness that everyone deserves a healthy pet.

At a Glance

Name: Miranda M. Alexander DVM
Community of Practice: Rancho Peñasquitos
Volunteer Affilation: Father Joe’s Vets at Saint Vincent de Paul Shelter
Profession: Small animal veterinarian at Peñasquitos Pet Clinic on Carmel Mountain Rd.
Pets: Three rowdy big poodles and two Irish cats named Connor and Paddy

Group: Father Joe’s Vets, San Diego Veterinary Medical Association, Delta Society
Mission: Vaccination of pets belonging to homeless and very low income pet owners.
Contact: Miranda M. Alexander DVM Peñasquitos Pet Clinic
Adress: 9728 Carmel Mountain Rd. Suite E, San Diego, CA 92129
Phone: 858-484-1260