On April 1, Rancho Bernardo High School will play host to “What I Wish My Parents Knew”, a forum seminar designed to assist parents in improving communication with their teen children and how to identify stresses and other complications in relationships with their teens.

This forum is free for all parents who have children attending high school and middle school, and the location of the forums will be cycled among the five high schools in the Poway Unified School District throughout the year.

The program will begin with an opening at 6:30 p.m., featuring a video of real students talking about “what they wish their parents knew.” After the opening, parents will be dismissed to attend individual workshops. Administrators from Poway High School, Rancho Bernardo High School, and Del Norte High School, as well as faith leaders from different ministries will be present to lead the individual workshops.


Workshops include: Drugs and Alcohol, Depression, Guardrails – Creating Boundaries that Actually Work, Communication, Social Media, Academic Pressure, and Healthy Relationships. “In the break-out sessions, parents will be divided into groups of four. They will listen to a brief presentation and then given questions to answer among their small groups. The parents become the ‘teachers’ and ‘experts’ of the sessions. After each question the facilitators and experts will add in any additional tips before going on to another question,” said Traci Barker-Ball, an facilitator for “What I Wish My Parents Knew”. These teachers and experts may even include students, ready to answer questions and speak freely about their own experiences.

Click on the video below to see what it’s like to attend the forum :

What I Wish My Parents Knew from VausMedia on Vimeo.

Admission is free, but registration is encouraged. Head to www.whatiwishmyparentsknew.com to register for the forum.