Ramps and Rails

The PQ Skate Park reopened this past March, and the community was eager to see the new developments. These renovations have been almost five years in the making, and as soon as the old wooden ramps were removed, work began to replace them with up-to-date models. “The San Diego Park and Recreation Department is very excited for the opening of the skate park, so skaters can use the new ramps and rails. There will be something new for all levels of skaters,” said Mary Ngai, Area Manager II for Canyonside and Hilltop Recreation Centers. “We expect the attendance to increase greatly with skaters wanting to use the new amenities. The construction of the new ramps and rails will be a great addition to the skate park.” A grand opening ceremony is also planned for later this spring.

Renovations to the skate park include the addition of new skate features and ADA path of travel upgrades. ADA upgrades included barrier removal for path of travel from the ADA parking lot to the area surrounding the onsite restroom facility, and companion seating was added in the observation area surrounding the existing restroom.

Mary added, “There will be skateboard classes offered when the park reopens and camps in the summer.” Visit the Canyonside Recreation Center to keep up to date on sign-ups for these new skateboarding classes. So grab your boards and skates and head over to the new and improved PQ Skate Park. For more information and updates visit www.sandiego.gov/park-and-recreation.