We’re only months away from June, and graduation is just on the horizon for the many seniors in 92129. And with crossing the stage comes a celebration in the form of Grad Nite. This year, Westview High School (WVHS) and Mt. Carmel High School (MCHS) are putting the finishing touches on their Grad Nites, but could use the community’s help is creating a fun and safe night for their seniors.

Westview High School

WVHS is celebrating their ten year anniversary of Grad Nite since the first graduating class in 2005. This year, the event is being held on the WVHS campus, which allows the planning committee to get creative and construct their own sets. “Unfortunately, the warehouse that we have used to build our façade in for the last five years was sold, and we don’t have a warehouse to build in this year,” said Keri Bohart, Vice President of the Grad Nite Committee. “We are hoping to find something, but we haven’t had any luck yet.”

The committee’s largest fundraiser of the year is the Parent Gala on April 26. It will take place at The Ranch House in Del Sur, from 6 to 10 p.m. Tickets are $40 per person which includes dancing, food, and a silent auction. Keri also noted that anyone interested in making a donation toward the WVHS Grad Nite should contact Bridget Dibble at 619-507-6960 or email Bridget at bdibble1@san.rr.com. For more information on WVHS Grad Nite visit www.westviewgradnite.org.

Any parents who are curious about the Grad Nite that their child will be attending is welcome to preview the set on June 11, the day before graduation. No high school students will be allowed at the preview, of course!

Mt. Carmel High School

MCHS is doing something a little different – taking their seniors out to Party Pals in Sorrento Valley. At Party Pals, the Grad Nite Committee will be able to customize the experience for their seniors, with available activities such as DJ and dancing, arcade games, poker tables, illusionists, bowling, racing, and more. However, what will actually be there for MCHS Grad Nite 2014 will be a mystery to the seniors until they flock into Party Pals that night.

“We have over 250 seniors that have bought tickets and we are hopeful that many more will attend and take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments together,” said Paul Martirano, Grad Nite 2014 Committee Chair.

The MCHS Grad Nite Committee is currently looking for business and corporate donations, in order to make this event “a great success” for MCHS seniors. To order tickets or donate for Grad Nite visit www.mchs-gradnite.com.

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