Golden Opportunity

PQ native Rozhon Badiozamani was like every other senior student at Westview High School. She applied to colleges and eagerly awaited those letters, but was faced with disappointment at not being accepted into her choices. Most students would despair, but Rozhon kept her head up and pursued a different avenue of higher education. “I was rejected from all of the undergraduate colleges I applied to and ended up at Miramar [College] . . . but I am sure that I would be lost if I hadn’t started my college career there,” said Rozhon.

Rozhon credits her success to Miramar College’s Freshman Year Experience Program, through which she discovered the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. “I went to the first meeting and thought everyone was nice and smart and that it would be a great fit for me, and that was it. I went to the next meeting and when the question was asked of who would run for president, I just raised my hand.” Rozhon has taken to her new position as president with enthusiasm, encouraging members to take an active role in their education and community service.

Rozhon’s most recent project was a Counselor Appreciation Day, in which she and other members brought goody bags for the counselors at Miramar College. “We all admire their hard work, especially when the lines are out the door and they are each seeing around 100 students per day.”

Setting her sights on the future, she hopes to become a pediatrician or a foreign policy agent to establish hospitals in third world countries. “The way I see it,” said Rozhon, “I have this beautiful opportunity to afford school, to think on my own, to walk on two legs, to work with two hands and to see with two eyes. Some people are not as lucky, and if I don’t use this golden opportunity to do something worthwhile and help those who are less fortunate, then I might as well be poor, paralyzed, and blind.”