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Caring for Clients and the Community

In 2003, Ray and Theresa Shay were in the midst of raising their three sons when they decided to make a bold career move. “Theresa and I decided to build a cutting-edge residential real estate company reflecting our own values that would forever change the residential real estate landscape,” explained Ray and Theresa, co-founders of Shay Realtors, a full-service residential brokerage firm. At the time, Ray was a lieutenant with the San Diego Police Department and Theresa was a project manager at a consulting firm. “Many people thought we were crazy,” said Ray. “We’re still proving them wrong.”

Indeed, they are. It’s been eleven years since Shay Realtors opened its doors and it continues to successfully manage a large number of home sales and purchases in San Diego, placing it as one of the most successful real estate companies in San Diego County. “We strive to provide a residential real estate experience superior to anything a client has previously experienced,” said Ray.

With virtually no desks in their office and an emailed weekly newsletter called, Community Hub eWeeklyTM, Shay Realtors are using innovative ways to stay progressive and connected to the community. “Our team of employees is committed to providing exemplary customer service and to exceeding our client’s expectations,” stated Ray. “We achieve these goals in parallel without ever ignoring our ‘family first’ priority in our work culture. We carry this philosophy in looking for ways to give back to our communities, as well.”

“We strive to provide a residential real estate experience superior to anything a client has previously experienced.”

And Shay Realtors gives back to the community in a big way; with something called a Community Hub®, a large space doubling as the Shay Realtors office, offering a place for community leaders and volunteers to meet without any cost attached. “[Our] belief in the power of volunteerism inspired the creation of an office that serves a dual purpose,” noted Ray. “All three Shay Realtors Community HUB’s are adorned with our nationally registered trademarked Community Hub®. Two are in 4S Ranch, and our newest Hub is located in Rancho Peñasquitos.”

The Hubs are designed to accommodate up to two groups at a time; and although a reservation for use is encouraged, walk-ins are welcome. “We adorn each new Community Hub® with a red bow for thirty days after opening,” added Ray, “because we believe each Hub is a treasured gift to that community.”



Name of Business: Shay Realtors
Owners: Theresa and Ray Shay
Years in Position: 11
Address: 13289-6 Black Mountain Rd., San Diego, CA 92129
Email contact:
Phone: 858-449-7355
Description of Business: Shay Realtors’ goal is to provide its clients with attentive, professional and responsive service that results in selling their clients’ homes quickly and for top dollar. They actively and creatively market homes through a variety of resources. They are seasoned professionals with experience in short sales, foreclosures and the San Diego market.