by LIZ ONUFER | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

Intelligent, Athletic, Altrustic

If a prototype of a teenager could be made, Lexi Dorn may be about the best model. Whether she is in class, on a volleyball court, or serving meals to the homeless, this young woman exemplifies intelligence, athleticism, and altruism.

The 16-year-old athlete can most often be found on the volleyball court, both indoor and sand. Lexi began playing in the 7th grade and now plays for the Coast Volleyball Club. Tournaments have taken her across the country from L.A. to Philadelphia and soon across the world as she heads to Europe. Lexi is a bit nervous about her first trip to Europe but is confident in her teammates and coaches. “Perhaps I will get to use some of what I’ve learned in my three years of taking French,” Lexi added.

Around home in Rancho Peñasquitos, Lexi spends part of her time volunteering. She appreciates the perspective she gains through the experience. “Sometimes you can tell that people are just happy to have someone acknowledge them, make eye contact and smile,” acknowledged Lexi. She has served many local organizations, including Interfaith Community Services and Third Avenue Charitable Organization. This summer, Lexi is looking forward to volunteering at DOOR, where she will spend a week serving in L.A.

“In life, I am inspired by people who are nice to others, intelligent, and inclusive.”

When asked about her inspiration, Lexi shares on two levels: “In sports, I am inspired by athletes who are giving 100% and look like they are enjoying themselves while they do it,” Lexi stated. “In life, I am inspired by people who are nice to others, intelligent, and inclusive.”
Looking forward, Lexi will be attending Cathedral Catholic High School for her 11th grade year. Her family is alumni, and she will be joined by her younger sister, Tori. Lexi plans to maintain the 4.0 GPA from her first two years at Westview High School.
Lexi’s stellar resume also includes a few items identifying her as a typical teenager. She recently got her driver’s license and loves going to the movies, playing laser tag, and having water balloon fights. As for her future, “I often wonder what path my life will take and how someone my age can figure out what to do,” Lexi said. She certainly has more than a few options open to her and considers being a teacher and coach as one of the best – just about the perfect way to combine all the things Lexi loves.


Name: Lexi Dorn (16)
School: Westview High School
Grade: 10
Parents: Jon and Lisa Dorn
Siblings: Matt (18), Tori (14)
Favorite Place in 92129: Waterfall in the canyon