by SARA HURLOCK | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

Small Town Life

Staying Local

Angie and Matt Aneshansley met at Rolling Hills Elementary when she was teaching and he was volunteering at the time. Angie’s master teacher and now a family friend, Eileen Tebbetts, had introduced them. In 1975, Angie and her family moved to Rancho Peñasquitos while Matt moved from Ohio with his family in 1978. Angie also pointed out, “We grew up in this neighborhood and wanted our children to have the same great experiences we did. We can walk or bike to the fire department, dog park, library, shopping center, or our elementary, middle, and high schools.” The two remember Rancho Peñasquitos as a rural area. “The local kids would spend all day playing in the streets or at parks, running or riding bikes… and not coming home until the street lights turned on. There were even cattle and buffalo grazing in the fields of what is now Carmel Mountain Ranch.”

Matt graduated from National University with two degrees, a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies and an M.S. in Educational Technology. He was a teacher at the Peñasquitos Christian Preschool for five years, and has been a 4th grade teacher at Sunset Hills Elementary for the last eleven years. Matt also runs the Student Council at the school and has served on a leadership team. Angie has a B.A. degree in Child Development from California State University Northridge and an M.A. in Cross-Cultural Teaching from National University. Both have California State Multiple Subject credentials.

“There were even cattle and buffalo grazing in the fields of what is now Carmel Mountain Ranch.” – Angie Aneshansley

The family is big on volunteering, to name a few organizations, at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church, Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Pasta for Pennies program, and San Diego Children’s Museum. The children, Anna, Rebecca, Johnny, and Jacob are all involved in the community whether it’s with basketball, baseball, the saxophone or bassoon, or running cross country. The boys attend Mt. Carmel High School; Jacob will be a freshman in the fall while Johnny will be a junior. Anna is pursuing Anthropology at Miramar College and San Diego State University. Rebecca will be starting her Civil Engineering degree at Cal Poly Pomona in the fall as a freshman. You wouldn’t know it, but the Aneshansleys are a tightly knit blended family and with one on the way, “Angie is pregnant, due in late October, with a baby girl. We consider this unexpected surprise a true blessing and can’t wait to meet our new family member.”



Parents: Matthew (Matt) Nicholas Aneshansley and Angela (Angie) Marie Aneshansley
Children: Jacob Amaro (14, 9th grade, MCHS), Johnny Amaro (16, 11th grade, MCHS), Rebecca Aneshansley (18, freshman at Cal Poly Pomona), Anna Leal-Amaro (22, junior at San Diego State University)
Community: Rancho Peñasquitos
Year Moved to Community: Angie – 1975; Matt – 1978
Parents’ Hometowns: Angie – Rancho Peñasquitos; Matt – Dayton, Ohio
Parents’ Occupations: Angie – 5th grade teacher at Pomerado Elementary;
Matt – 4th grade teacher at Sunset Hills Elementary
Pets: Black Lab mix – Morgan; black Schnauzer/Cocker mix – Tamika;
white Bichon/King Charles Spaniel mix – Mo
Favorite Local Spots: Canyonside park for hiking and watching games at the fields, Mt. Carmel football games, Mt. Carmel basketball games, Hilltop Park, Christmas Card Lane during December and Fiesta de los Peñasquitos