Community Cookout

Picnics in the park are a great way to bring friends and family together, especially in a united community. Throw in a dunk tank and some old-fashioned barbeque, and you have a recipe for a more lively get-together! The PQ-NE Action Group kicked off the 8th Annual PQ BBQ-Picnic this past June, a gathering not only to signal the summer start, but also to bring more awareness to the group’s mission. Families enjoyed the dunk tank, inflatable jumpies, shaved ice, and picnic games like egg-and-spoon and gunny sack races. Supervisor Dave Roberts was there to present a certificate of recognition to Fire Stations 40 and 42 for their great work with the recent fires. Jennifer Palkovic of Sienna’s PlayGarden also shared her vision for a playgarden at Rolling Hills Park in memory of her daughter.