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A Creative Company

The world of theater is superstitious, but Westview Theatre Company (WVTC) proves that thirteen isn’t an unlucky number after all. In its thirteenth season, the Westview High School theater program is as ambitious and inventive as ever. “The WVTC is a student-driven organization,” explained Laurie Reinbold, President of the Westview Theatre Alliance. The Alliance is a parent organization providing volunteer and financial support, but Reinbold emphasized that the students do most of the work. A student board leads the company, this year chaired by Ava Fakrabadi, Lucas Bennett, Sophie Cobarrubia, Jessica Peng, and Mady Tondi. Laurie continued, “Our students not only act in the plays, but they build the sets, design all technical aspects of the plays and musicals, including costume design, hair and makeup, props, graphics, lighting and sound. Along with the director, they are the creative force behind the show.”



That director is Chris Wollman, who expanded the program from three events a year to the current season of three full-length plays, a spring musical, and a one-act festival with plays written, directed, acted, and produced by students. “He pulls amazing performances out of them time and again,” enthused Laurie. The recent run of Waiting for Godot is one example. Students rehearsed the play over the summer for an early-season production that was so well received that WVTC scheduled additional performances.

Most WVTC funding derives from ticket sales and donations. Without a fulltime drama teacher, the school and Alliance combine resources to provide a director. “We won’t let a lack of funding keep us from creating amazing productions,” said Laurie. “This theatre company is all about the talent.”


WVTC has the credentials to back up her claims. The program has been nominated for twenty-four National Youth Arts awards in the past two years, with six awards won. In 2014, Jessica Frenkel and Yael Chanukov won individual awards, and Merrily We Roll Along won Outstanding Ensemble in a Musical. The California Educational Theatre Association also selected WVTC to perform To Kill A Mocking Bird (2012) and The Odd Couple (2013) at its annual festival. Other recent CETA awards for WVTC include best actress, best actor, best technical achievement, and senior scholarships. WVTC has also won numerous awards at the annual Fullerton Theatre Festival.

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Westview_Theatre_LogoName of Organization: Westview Theatre Company
Year of Establishment: 2002
Director: Chris Wollman
Student President: Ava Fakhrabadi
Alliance President: Laurie Reinbold
Address: 13500 Camino Del Sur,
San Diego, CA 92129
Email Contact:
Phone: 858-780-2000