by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Tyler McElhaney

Teaching Art to Students of All Ages and Skill Levels

Anna Sheklow, Owner of Drawn2Art/KidsArt – art education studios throughout California – had always dreamed of opening a studio in San Diego. “I have frequently visited the San Diego area over the years and it has always been a city that I have loved. For years I talked about wanting to contribute to and be a part of its community,” said Anna. “It is a city full of wonderful people and so much culture – exactly the type of place Drawn2Art fits into so beautifully.” With help from her business partner, Jaci Stern – who recently relocated to San Diego to help Anna’s dream come to fruition – the first Drawn2Art studio opened in PQ this past June. “We are really proud to be part of this great community,” shared Jaci. “We know we are offering an important art education program that is rarely offered as part of most students’ curriculum in school.”

“ Anyone who wants to learn only needs to bring their ‘interest’ and we will supply the inspiration and quality instruction. ”      ~Jaci Stern

Drawn2Art’s three-step mission is simple, and in its simplicity students and their families thrive (see their mission statement at “Our focus is to provide a quality, fine art program that teaches the fundamentals of drawing and painting using a step-by-step approach so students of all ages are successful. Our individualized program teaches students to ‘see’ in a new way. Students learn how the Masters worked centuries ago, who dedicated themselves to learning fundamentals. Even Picasso first learned to draw and paint realistically before branching out. The basics are the foundation, and have been for hundreds of years, and we honor that tradition,” explained Anna.

MP_Drawn2Art2With the philosophy “creativity follows mastery,” Drawn2Art teaches the use of a variety of mediums including pastels, charcoal, graphite, watercolors, acrylics, oils, and more. “A strong foundation of artistic skill will enable students to eventually follow any artistic path they choose,” stated Jaci. “We will be offering home school classes and teen/adult classes as well. Anyone who wants to learn only needs to bring their ‘interest’ and we will supply the inspiration and quality instruction.”

The setting at Drawn2Art is quiet yet fun and permits each student to work at his or her own pace and level of ability. “Our hope is that every one of our students walks away saying that they learned to draw at Drawn2Art and they had fun doing it!” exclaimed Jaci. New students are encouraged to try the program by attending a free introductory class, without any obligation.


MP_Drawn2Art_LogoName of Business: Drawn2Art San Diego
Owners: Jaci Stern and Anna Sheklow
Years in Position: Opened in June 2014
Address: 13173-10 Black Mountain Rd.,
San Diego, CA 92129
Phone: 858-538-5278
Description of Business: Drawn2Art teaches a classical, realistic drawing and painting program to students, starting at age 4, as well as teens and adults. Students learn to use charcoal, pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils, and more with subjects such as still-life, cartoons, figure/portraiture, landscapes, Anime, and animals. Their students gain self-confidence and real skills.