by AMY LEHRER | photos by Tyler McElhaney

North County Credit Union Provides Personal Service and Modern Banking Conveniences

Originally established in 1953, North County Credit Union (NCCU) became a Community Charter Credit Union in 1986 so that it could expand its financial services to anyone living or working in North County. Benefits to becoming a NCCU member are threefold.

First, NCCU is local. NCCU Representatives who live in the community, participate in community events. Loan approvals and other key decisions are made locally by people who live in the community, have face-to-face relationships with their members, and understand local needs. Because of this personal knowledge, NCCU is often able to approve loans that “big banks” would reject. In the case of credit unions, control ultimately rests with its members, who are also member-owners. Additionally, members know their savings help their own community members attain their financial goals.

Second, as a not-for-profit cooperative, NCCU helps its members save money. Branch Manager Yvonne Despie revealed, “NCCU representatives are rewarded for finding members the best deal, not for making record profits.” In general, credit unions charge lower fees, offer higher savings rates, which allows money to grow faster, and lower rates on loans, which means the overall cost for loans diminishes. Datatrac, a financial research and technology firm, regularly publishes credit union and bank interest rate comparisons that reveal the savings NCCU members can enjoy. All savings are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, and some retirement accounts are insured to an additional $250,000. And to help its members make the smartest financial decisions to reach their financial goals, NCCU regularly offers free educational seminars on identity theft, first time home buying, retirement planning, college funding and a variety of investment topics.

“The thing I like the most is that I’m not just a number. When I walk in, the staff knows who I am. Also, I can reach and be reached by e-mail, which is very convenient and more personal.”
~Juliana, NCCU customer since 2005

Third, NCCU provides great personal service and “big bank” services. A NCCU customer since 2005, Juliana shared, “The thing I like the most is that I’m not just a number. When I walk in, the staff knows who I am. Also, I can reach and be reached by e-mail, which is very convenient and more personal.” Friendly representatives help members enjoy “big bank” services including financial planning services, investment funds, managed accounts, insurance products, online banking and bill pay services, mobile and text banking and even a personal financial management system to help members budget and save money at over 18,000 different financial institutions. Soon, NCCU’s new website will be launched as well. It will contain more financial education content and provide an optimal viewing experience for multiple devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors.

Ultimately, the credit union philosophy is people helping people meet their financial goals.



NCCU_logoName of Business: North County Credit Union
Owner: Its Credit Union Members
Branch Manager: Yvonne Despie
Years in Position: 6
Year of Establishment: 1953
Address: 17045 Via Del Campo, San Diego, CA, 92127
Email contact:
Phone: 858-487-1880
Description of Business: North County Credit Union is a nonprofit, member-owned cooperative that provides a wide range of convenient and professionally managed financial services to those who live or work in North County.