by LAINEY KRAL | photos by Tyler McElhaney

Giving Back with a Smile

The Scripps Rock Dental family is excited to start a new year of giving back to the community they call home. Owners Dr. Anthony E. Hatch and Dr. Shivi Gupta both love living in such a family-oriented, close-knit, and health-conscious community, and have made those qualities the foundation of their practice.

Along with Dr. Heather Russell and the rest of the enthusiastic staff, they run an all-service dental office with a focus on patient comfort and a special niche in same-day dentistry. “We are very committed to excellence in our dentistry and we refuse to outsource to outside dental labs,” explained Dr. Hatch. “Instead we choose to take the responsibility for the perfect fit, function, and aesthetics ourselves.”


Their commitment to excellence inspires their commitment to education, and they embrace growth and change as opportunities to continually improve the patient experience. Dr. Hatch and Dr. Gupta have both spoken internationally on the science and application of same-day dentistry and have years of experience training other dentists. The entire staff seeks opportunities to expand their dental skills, as well as taking courses in customer service and communication. “We are a dental practice of perpetual learners,” said Dr. Hatch.

All that education is geared towards providing the best possible atmosphere and results for patients. Their goal is to make a lasting impact on patients’ health. Dr. Hatch explained, “We want our patients to not have to worry about their dental health as they grow and age, enjoying a good meal with a confident smile.”


Scripps Rock Dental also makes a lasting impact on the broader community. For the last three years, they have hosted a car show and silent auction to benefit GenerateHope, a San Diego-based women’s shelter. Over those three years, Scripps Rock Dental has donated over $10,000 and another $10,000 worth of free dental treatment for all the women living at the home. “The dental care they have faithfully provided to our women not only helps their health, but also their self-esteem,” shared Susan Munsey, Executive Director of GenerateHope.

The office participates in other charities, including recent donations to Toys for Tots and Becky’s Gift. “We also have donated to help build a dental clinic in the Veteran’s Village in San Diego,” said Dr. Hatch.“All the doctors donate time to provide dental care to our veterans and the less fortunate throughout the year. We hold giving back as a cornerstone of the practice.”




Name of Practice: Scripps Rock Dental
Owners: Dr. Anthony Hatch and Dr. Shivi Gupta
Years in Position: 11
Year of Establishment: 2008
Address: 12112 Scripps Summit Dr., San Diego, CA 92131
Phone: 858-530-0300
Description of Practice: Scripps Rock Dental is a friendly and comfortable high-tech dental practice that provides excellence in general, family, and cosmetic dentistry. They are committed to preventive care to help patients maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.