by Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff
Special to 92129 Magazine

What’s New in PQ?

“I sure would love to make PQ better by… oh, never mind. It’s too expensive.” Hold it right there! The PQ Town Council loves that kind of inspiration and wants to help you make it happen. Your Town Council regularly awards grants to PQ community members for activities that provide some type of community service. Take a look at the diversity of projects the Town Council was proud to support in 2014:

  • Brian Noblitt designed and built a lost and found box for Los Peñasquitos Elementary to replace the old ones that were falling apart.
  • Annelise Morgan purchased graphing calculators to establish a lending library at Mt. Carmel where these expensive academic tools can be checked out by students who might otherwise face too great a financial strain to enroll in the higher level math courses that require them.
  • The library’s summer reading program for children and adults encouraged everyone to read for pleasure during the school break.
  • Alexander Paul undertook the enormous project of repainting an accessibility ramp handrail at Mesa Verde Middle School.
  • To improve student safety and program efficiency, Los Peñasquitos’ BLAST afterschool program purchased new walkie talkies for supervisors.
  • Mt. Carmel choir’s family-friendly Madrigal Dinner show ticket prices stayed affordable for the community.
  • The Urban Corps will upgrade the PQ Dog Park surface with durable, low-maintenance decomposed granite.

The Town Council is proud of our residents’ dedication to improving PQ and pleased to be able to assist them in some small way. Our next grant application deadline is at the end of February, so don’t delay! And remember, the Town Council’s budget for these community grants is dependent on the support of PQ residents and businesses, so become a community partner today. Thanks for helping to make PQ strong.

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