by LIZ ONUFER | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

Scout for Life

A mechanical design engineer by trade, Ron Lawrence is recognized on 12 U.S. patents and has consulted for over 300 companies. While he specializes in injection molded projects in his career, his greatest passion may be his work “off the clock.” A long-time Rancho Peñasquitos resident, Ron Lawrence has been involved with the Boy Scouts since his childhood, starting as a Cub Scout in 1962 and serving as Troopmaster of Troop 648 since 2000.

Ron began Boy Scouts when his father helped him build a pinewood derby car. He won first place and was hooked. “I stayed in Boy Scouts until I aged out at 18 years old and have a lot of fond memories, but the best memories are those of trips that went wrong,” Ron reminisced. A favorite trip to Anza Borrego included a missing scout, a flat tire, an illegal campfire, and run-ins with law enforcement. “No one was hurt, it was just a lot of funny circumstances that went wrong,” Ron laughed.


These memories were the reason Ron returned to scouting as an adult. As a husband and father of three, Ron recognized scouting as a great way to spend time with his son. “Becoming a scoutmaster was very easy when I remembered how much scouting molded my life, and I wanted to repay the same to my son and his friends,” Ron explained. Over the last 15 years, Ron has assisted 53 young men – his son included – in attaining their Eagle Scout rank, the highest achievement in the Boy Scouts. Ron was also recently awarded San Diego’s Scoutmaster of the Year.

But the best rewards of the position cannot be officially recognized. “The most amazing sight is to watch a young scout of 11 years young to go from wild amazement, bouncing off the walls with energy to a reliable, articulate, confident 18-year-young Eagle Scout,” he shared. For Ron and his son, the progression is captured in two photos: their first father-son campout and their final day of a 12-day backpack trip atop a mountain at sunrise.

In Ron’s newest role with the Boy Scouts, he will work with new scouts to ensure they have the basic scout skills. He will also begin working on his “honey-do list” and pick up a few of his old hobbies. In the meantime, “you can catch me and my dog Diesel in front of Starbucks in the morning from 6 to 7 a.m. every day,” Ron smiled.



Name: Ronald L. Lawrence
Profession: Mechanical Design Engineer
Community: Rancho de los Peñasquitos since 1982
Hobbies: Wood working, model building, cars, Boy Scouts of America
Favorite Local Spots: Starbucks in the Vons Shopping Center early in the morning, hiking up local mountains for workouts, Hilltop Community Center with my Boy Scout Troop 648