Improv It Up!

The Improv Club at Mt. Carmel High School has been around for over a decade, garnering several awards and becoming a favorite “must-see” on campus for students and teachers alike. The school recently held a match that had the audience roaring. The non-scripted, totally off the top of your head humor in improv is outrageously entertaining to watch and must be witnessed to fully appreciate it as an art form. In a high school match, two teams face off against each other in a match of wit, style, and silliness. Suggestions from the audience are encouraged and even often incorporated mid-sentence, mid-thought, or turned into a completely different scene. Mt. Carmel High School’s team consists of 30 members, a team captain, senior Reed Wagner, and a team coach, Chanel Mize. Be sure to visit for more details about the club and a schedule of upcoming games and events.