The Poway Unified School District (PUSD) board and Superintendent John Collins recognized local students at recent Board of Education meetings for exemplary performance on the national SAT (School Aptitude Test). A number of Westview High School (WHS) students were among those recognized. WHS student Henry Xu attended a meeting in person to accept his commendations for earning the highest possible scores on the general SAT, with a perfect 2400. The board also honored the following WHS students for achieving a perfect score of 800 on one or more subject-specific tests: Tyler Chang, Seungeun Cho, Kevin Dinh, Catherine Fan, Jacqueline Guy, Helen Jin, Jason Kang, Natasha Klingenbrunn, Franklin Kong, Wanfei Kwan, Rae Lan, Ha Eun Lee, Justin Li, Maia Li, Edward Liang, Aanchal Mehniratta, Mark Nasielski, Hannah Oikawa, Bansi Parekh, Gaurav Paryani, Emmit Pert, Edward Qiao, Robert Quitt, Jack Rosenman, Anish Sathe, Daniel Shi, Matthew Smith, Sohan Subhash, Kevin Sun, Rebekah Tang, Adam Victor, Angela Wang, Irene Wang, Ryan Wey, Aaron Wilhelm, Jenna Won, Xinke Yu, Brandon Zhang, and Angela Zhou.