by LINDA FRABL | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

A Problem-Solver

Annelise Morgan is a National AP Scholar with a 4.41 GPA at Mt. Carmel High School, and she’s looking forward to her future. She asserted, “I greatly enjoy problem-solving and no matter what field I end up in, it is my goal to be able to make a positive, tangible impact on the world.” Although she is a fan of history and proclaimed, “I love examining the complexity of ancient cultures,” Annelise is also a math whiz, and even completed a Multivariable Calculus class through the UCSD Extension.

To achieve her recent Girl Scout Gold Award, Annelise combined her passion for math with her problem-solving skills. She explained, “I established a lending library of graphing calculators at my school for students in upper level math courses. This prevents a lack of financial resources from inhibiting students from taking these classes.” There are now 20 graphing calculators available for use in her school’s library, and Annelise even gave presentations at numerous other schools, encouraging them to establish a similar program.


In addition to Girl Scouts, Annelise is also engaged in many other impressive clubs. For the past two years she has been the president of the National Honor Society, has been on her School Site Council (determining which programs the school funds will be used for), and is the co-president of the Interact Club (organizing community service events, including an annual fundraiser that pays for the education of a child in Kenya). She has also been selected to be in the Fraternity for Academic and Civic Excellence, is a member of the California Scholarship Federation, and received the Wellesley Book Award for outstanding academic achievement and participation in school and community events.

“It is my goal to be able to make a positive, tangible impact on the world.”

Athletic-minded Annelise has even proven herself in the areas of basketball and gymnastics. Annelise stated, “These two very different sports really appeal to different aspects of my personality.” Annelise is now in her fourth year of playing basketball on her high school team, which placed second at CIFs. As for gymnastics, Annelise has been competing since age three, and is the team captain for her varsity team.

Annelise has broken her bones five different times, but that hasn’t stopped her drive for reaching new heights – literally! Annelise admitted, “When I want to relax, I take aerial circus classes and spin around on silks attached to the ceiling.” What a fearless Student Star!



Name: Annelise Morgan (18)
School: Mt. Carmel High School
Grade: 12
Parents: Ila Fischer and Michael Morgan
Siblings: Leverett Morgan (24), Chase Morgan (20)
Favorite Place in 92129: The top of Black Mountain Open Space Park