According to the annual regional crime report released by the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), the crime rate throughout San Diego for 2014 dropped by six percent compared to 2013 and is the lowest in 35 years. SANDAG Criminal Justice Research Director Dr. Cynthia Burke said, “These regional statistics show San Diego County has never been a safer place to live than it is today. In 2014 we saw one-year declines in five of the seven major crimes and 35-year lows in robbery, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and larceny. While it is impossible to say with absolute certainty what factors are most responsible for these declines, it appears that investigative and technological advances have been especially key in enabling law enforcement to arrest prolific offenders and better share information among justice stakeholders.” The annual report includes a breakdown of crime statistics by jurisdiction and serves as an important tool for local law enforcement agencies to track public safety trends over time and gauge the effectiveness of enforcement strategies and crime prevention programs. To view the report visit