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The Super Dentists Make Going to the Dentist a Super Adventure

The first thing patients notice when they walk into the office of The Super Dentists is that it looks more like a theme park than a dental practice. “We create the most unique and out-of-this world dental experience for children and their parents. The environment is one that helps you and your children feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed,” said Dr. Kami Hoss, CEO of The Super Dentists. There is a fairy-tale-themed space that includes a dress-up area, a toy store, and video games, as well as a space-themed area with a Starbucks café, free WiFi, and televisions.

The Super Dentists was founded in 1996 with one goal in mind: put the fun and education back in children’s dentistry in order to eliminate fear and anxiety about seeing the dentist. Over the years, The Super Dentists has grown to become one of the largest pediatric dental and orthodontic practices in the county, with four offices throughout San Diego, including one in Carmel Valley. According to Dr. Hoss, at The Super Dentists, highly trained and skilled dentists, orthodontists, and dental assistants provide top-notch treatment with cutting-edge equipment. “We take advantage of the latest in preventative and restorative treatments and are Invisalign and AccelaDent accelerated orthodontic specialists,” explained Dr. Hoss. The Super Dentists accept most insurance plans, including Medi-Cal, and are available on the weekends in the event a dental emergency arises.

“We take advantage of the latest in preventative and restorative treatments and are Invisalign and AccelaDent accelerated orthodontic specialists.”
~ Dr. Hoss

Along with a desire to make going to the dentist a fun and pleasurable experience, The Super Dentists are also committed to giving back to the community. “We just wrapped up a spring fair at our Carmel Valley office, which included a 5K family fun run and a countywide talent contest for elementary and middle school students. The winner received a $10,000 scholarship for his school and will be featured in an issue of Seventeen Magazine,” revealed Dr. Hoss. In addition, the practice runs an in-classroom dental education program that is currently in 800 schools and reaches more than 30,000 children annually, offers free quarterly events and provides complimentary dental care to those in need. As stated by Dr. Hoss, the practice also sponsors a “mini” office at The McGrath Family JA Biztown, a program that teaches economics, personal finance, and business management to tens of thousands of San Diego County fifth graders each year.

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Name of Business: The Super Dentists
Owner/Manager: Dr. Kami Hoss, CEO;
and Dr. Nazli Keri, President
Years in Position: 19 years
Year of Establishment: 1996
Address: Dental offices throughout
San Diego County
Email contact:
Phone: 855-GO-SUPER
Description of Business: The Super Dentists are San Diego’s largest pediatric dentistry and orthodontic office. With locations throughout San Diego, they create the most unique and out-of-this-world dental experience for children and their parents. For more information visit