by LINDA FRABL | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

Pet Protector

If a child placed sharp wall tacks into a toy truck’s rubber wheels that faced out, the average parent would be a bit alarmed and concerned for that child’s safety and welfare. Luckily for Johnny Dumas Jr., an inventor from Rancho Peñasquitos who actually did this to his own toy truck, his mom was not your average parent, and she encouraged Johnny’s wildly creative ideas. Johnny recalled, “As a young child I was fascinated with spikes, and I called my toy truck’s new wheels ‘Spiky Wheels.’ My mother was also an inventor, so I grew up learning about the patent process for new inventions. I’d also accompany her to do research at the library and help color her invention drawings.”


Name: Johnny Dwayne Dumas Jr.
Profession: Inventor/CEO of Spike Bite Pet Protection
Family: One son
Interests: Long walks at the beach, sunsets, wine tastings, creative writing, music, and video production
Favorite Places in 92129: Hilltop Park

faces_dumas01Many years later, Johnny was chatting with his mom about how many coyotes he’d spotted at the golf course next to their home, and he was worried that his own precious dog, Maggie, might be attacked by them. His mom asked how he was going to protect Maggie. Johnny recollected, “Without missing a beat, I replied, ‘With spikes!’” Thus the Spike Bite pet protection vest was born.

Spike Bite is a wearable vest for pets which uses pressure-released, stab resistant metal spike materials that prevent serious injury to a dog or a cat during a predator attack. Johnny elaborated, “The spikes are positioned at your pet’s most vulnerable areas, and they are embedded within bright fluorescent pads that reflect light. The pads are dense and prevent the spikes from accidently poking others, and they make it safe for owners to pick up and hold their pets.” Extra buckles secure the Spike Bite onto a pet, and the neoprene fabric offers added comfort. It only weighs six ounces, and the Spike Bite can be tailored for any size pet.

If you go onto his website,, you can read Johnny’s blog in which he posts educational information about protecting pets. Johnny also emphasizes that he supports various nonprofit organizations, and he stated, “I would like to use my company to provide lunches to the underprivileged of San Diego, and to create a foundation that will give insight and guidance to our youth.” Appreciative of all that he has, Johnny added, “To actually have my own product is a blessing, and I will never take this opportunity for granted.”