The Hardest Thing

A22-year-old Scripps Ranch resident is teaming up with other local talents to create his first feature film, titled The Hardest Thing. Jake Snyder is serving as the project’s director, producer, and writer, and graduated from Mt. Carmel High School in 2011. The team recently wrapped up their 21-day filming schedule in mid-July.

The Hardest Thing is a coming of age story about two couples transitioning from high school to college. Jake developed the story with Rancho Bernardo High School graduate Liam Makagiansar and San Diego native Gabe Shootman. Then he and Liam continued writing the screenplay. “What inspired us to write this story was watching a lot of people in our lives go through similar situations that occur in the script. We wanted to ground these situations into a story that a mass audience could relate to,” shared Jake.

He continued, “When we finished the script, we sat down and discussed what kind of impact we’d like it to have. We want people to watch this film and realize that everything they go through when they grow up is normal, and that everything happens for a reason.”

Liam is a producer, writer, and supporting actor for the project. Mt. Carmel graduate Monark Nakrani is the president of production. Kevan Kiely-Gilden, another Mt. Carmel graduate, is also a producer. The cast includes Garrett Slack, Kayla Schaffroth, and Samantha Littleford, all of whom are San Diego natives or went to school here. Garrett and Kayla are also Mt. Carmel graduates. For more information visit