Bhavika Anandpura, Shreya Huilgol, Sakshi Madan, Annelise Morgan, Elaine Ngo, and Katherine Smith have earned the Girl Scout Gold Award – the organization’s highest honor – for their outstanding leadership and commitment to taking action. For her Gold Award project, Bhavika worked with representatives of the seven largest cultural groups in San Diego to plan a series of immersion activities for kids in an effort to expand children’s worldviews. Shreya visited students and doctors in the U.S. and India to encourage the practice of checking children’s blood pressure. Sakshi hosted workshops where young people learned simple ways to protect the environment. Annelise provided graphing calculators to a school library, allowing students to take advanced math without purchasing the expensive tool. Elaine taught enrichment math lessons to elementary school students. Katherine showed middle school girls how to make the most of limited funds by using money wisely and recycling or sewing clothes. Bhavika, Shreya, Sakshi, Annelise, Elaine, and Katherine are among 43 Girl Scouts in San Diego and Imperial Valley who earned the Gold Award this year.