by RANDI CANTRELL | photos provided by SolarUnion

Going Solar

With energy rates steadily increasing year after year, going solar is becoming a popular option among homeowners who are looking to save money on their electricity bill or contribute to environmental conservation. SolarUnion is a full-service solar electricity developer founded in 2011 on the principle of making solar energy systems affordable and accessible for all. Founder and CEO Ivan La Frinere-Sandoval explained, “The motivation behind the company was and remains to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, specifically solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity, first in California and then globally.”

With this goal in mind, SolarUnion prides itself on providing high-quality, custom-tailored solar PV systems with exceptional customer service. “We focus on truly putting the customer first when it comes to all aspects of the system development process, from designing a system with the best visual appearance to investing in the highest quality components to ensure optimal performance through the life of the system.” In addition, the company promises to match or beat the price of any competitor, offers a comprehensive set of financing solutions and rebate programs, and guarantees the successful operation of their solar PV systems for 25 years. Customers may choose to own their own system or enter into a long-term lease with SolarUnion, and options for no-money-down or up-front cash are available.


For homeowners who find the idea of going solar attractive but complicated or intimidating, SolarUnion offers peace of mind with a comprehensive, turn-key solution. One customer shared, “I spent a lot of time researching panels and invertors and considered installing these myself, but SolarUnion was great to work with and handled the permits and every aspect of installation and interconnection with the utility company. They also offer ongoing maintenance and installed optimizers so I can see my power generation online each day. I have been 100 percent happy with the way it has worked out.”

mp_solarunion_logoSolarUnion At-A-Glance

Name of Business: SolarUnion (FirstPV)
Owner/Manager: Ivan La Frinere-Sandoval
Years in Position: 4
Year of Establishment: 2011
Address: 783 Goetschl St, San Diego, CA 92114
Phone: 888-363-9373
Description of Business: Solar photovoltaic contractor delivering the highest-quality electric generating systems, matching or beating all competitor prices, and offering an industry-leading 25 year performance guarantee