by LYDIA COBB | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Character and Leadership

The Bashar family has lived in PQ for nearly 15 years. Reza Bashar works for a medical device company as a senior manufacturing engineer. A graduate of University of Arizona, he obtained his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering because, he explained, “I enjoy thinking out of the box and coming up with creative solutions to a particular problem.” His previous tenure at Walt Disney Imagineering was in special effects design, until his hobby in designing waterfalls became noticed and led to launching his waterfall design business, Creative Water Sights.

Along with his wife, a food author and blogger, raising their two sons and daughter is a joyful family affair. “Hanging out with my family is – and always will be – my favorite and most important thing I do,” reflected Reza. Eight years ago their eldest son joined Cub Scouts and Reza volunteered as a den leader. When their troop’s Cub Master was deployed to Afghanistan, Reza stepped in to fill the need. “We have met many families through the scouting program,” he mentioned, “and have continued to remain very good friends with many of them.”


Now that the boys are older they’re involved in Boy Scout Troop 648. Reza became the Scoutmaster last year when his predecessor announced retirement. “As Scoutmaster, my job is to make sure that our boys have the necessary support structure and tools to thrive in their leadership training and duties,” added Reza. Boy Scouts participate in monthly outings – everything from hiking and kayaking to camping and biking. Through community service projects, scouting keeps them in touch with society’s needs. By the time an Eagle Scout is graduated, he will have had 14 interviews with various adults and completed a community service project. These are career and life building skills. BSA Troop 648 has graduated more than 55 Eagle Scouts since 2001.

The troop meets Tuesday evenings at Hilltop Recreation Center. Reza invites families to join. “As scouting parents, we can not only watch our kids grow, but we can stand right next to them as they grow and learn while becoming responsible young men and eventually great leaders of our communities,” added Reza. Reza is making a difference with his passion to guide young boys into a meaningful adulthood.


Name: Reza Bashar
Community: Rancho Peñasquitos
Family: Married with three children
Interests: Scouting, being in nature, spending time with family
Favorite Places in 92129: Our neighborhood parks