by Troy Merrell

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Sell Your Home

We have all heard, usually from friends, that you should wait to sell your home until after the New Year, but that simply isn’t the case. While it is true that typically there are fewer buyers out looking at homes, those that are searching tend to be more motivated with a real need to buy immediately. Many home owners have been convinced to wait to sell their homes leaving the market with a lower inventory. Low inventory and highly motivated buyers equals less competition and the potential to sell faster and for more money!

After the holidays, the supply of houses will typically increase as we near the end of spring and head into summer, creating more competition for home sellers. Some of the concerns I hear when speaking to homeowners about selling during the holidays are related to the showing of the home and the condition it has to be kept in. It is work to sell your home, that is something I can’t eliminate, but showings can be restricted to a schedule that works well for you. One advantage of selling this time of year is that holiday decorations can enhance the warmth of your home (if tastefully done). Many buyers these days are driving by properties in the evenings prior to asking to see the inside, so the exterior decorations can add curb appeal.

Keeping in mind that you wouldn’t have to physically move until late January or February and that you may end up selling for more money with fewer headaches, why would you wait?


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