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Dr. Susan Hong Offers Patients the Latest Dental Technology in a Warm and Friendly Environment

mp_dr_hong2When Dr. Hong opened her family and cosmetic dentistry practice in Rancho Bernardo, she focused on providing the highest quality of dental care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. “I designed the office so it doesn’t feel clinical and cold. We have dental chairs that have heat and massage features and televisions on the ceilings so patients can watch TV and be entertained during procedures,” explained Dr. Hong. The practice also offers sedation dentistry to patients who are especially anxious about specific dental procedures or visiting the dentist in general.

After graduating from University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1997, Dr. Hong was in the beginning stages of opening a practice near Wall Street in New York City when marriage and family brought her to San Diego. “I started a practice in downtown San Diego in 2005, but recently decided to sell that practice so that I can serve the community where I live (Rancho Peñasquitos) and the surrounding areas,” stated Dr. Hong. Having an office closer to home also allows Dr. Hong to spend more time with her family and be more actively involved in the local community.

Dr. Hong places great value on providing personalized care and is committed to learning the unique situation of each and every patient. “I want to get to know my patients’ stories. I love dentistry, but what I really love is getting to build lifelong relationship with my patients – that’s the part of my profession that I enjoy the most. I also am very aware that I need to earn a patient’s trust. I work very hard at respecting their expectations and letting them know that I will do my best to meet their needs,” revealed Dr. Hong.


The practice is also dedicated to using the latest in digital technology to diagnose and assess the needs of their patients. “We use digital sensors to capture dental images and intraoral cameras that help patients ‘tour their mouths’ with me. This particular tool has fluorescent technology that helps diagnose decay,” explained Dr. Hong. This camera is a light-induced fluorescence evaluator that provides an extremely high-quality image, allowing the patient to get the “full picture” of their oral health. Dr. Hong and her team also use hand-held x-ray machines that emit significantly less radiation than traditional x-ray equipment. The hand-held x-rays are efficient, more convenient for patients, and allow the operator to stay in the same room as patients during exams – which is proven to be a safer practice. In addition to operating with the latest camera and x-ray technology, Dr. Hong’s practice incorporates laser technology to help reduce the bacteria in the mouths of patients with gum disease. Ultimately, Dr. Hong and her team aim to create the most comfortable and dynamic experience possible for each and every one of their patients.

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Name of Business: Dr. Susan Hong Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
Owner: Dr. Susan Hong
Established: November 2015
Phone: 858-247-3020
Address: 11848 Bernardo Plaza Court,
Suite 220, San Diego, CA 92128