cm_author2Joel Dorr recently published his first novel, a romantic-comedy titled Those Crazy Notions of Otherwise Intelligent People. The story, set in San Diego, follows the lives of radio show host and playboy Percy Powers, and Ilena Doran, a dedicated mother and therapist for abused women. A heartfelt romance unfolds. ”I really wanted to craft a romance novel from more of a male perspective. Little known secret, ladies: men like to read romance too – especially if it is funny,” said Joel.

Before moving to San Diego, Joel wrote for TV and movies in L.A. Joel, who moved with his family to PQ 14 years ago, did much of his writing at local spots, including Wonderful Sushi, Golden Bagel, and Bad Ass Coffee. Recently, at his book launch party held at Wonderful Sushi, guests donated to Becky’s House, a shelter for abused women. “It warms my heart to see the generosity of my community, which is why I call PQ home,” shared Joel. Learn more at