by LINDA FRABL | photos provided by 9Round Fitness

30 Minute Workout

9Round Fitness Provides Effective Kickboxing Workouts on Your Schedule

How many of us would love to visit the gym regularly but just can’t find the time? Whether our little ones need to be shuttled to and from their soccer practices or our boss needs us to entertain clients after work, it’s difficult committing to an exercise regime when our lives are so busy. That’s why the “9Round 30 Minutes Kickbox Fitness” concept is so ideal.

“We know how to challenge members to push their limits, and have a fun – albeit sweaty – time doing it!” – Brad Unnasch

With new locations that just opened in February 2016 in Rancho Bernardo and Torrey Highlands, both venues offer full-body workouts in just 30 minutes, complete with a complimentary personal trainer and nutrition coach. The best part is that you’re not required to adhere to a specific time-frame. Kristin Clover, owner/manager of the Rancho Bernardo location, explained, “The 9Round model centers around the needs of its members, catering to that critical element in everyone’s life: time. There are no class times, so members work out on their schedules, not ours.”

mp_9round2Brad Unnasch, owner/manager of the Torrey Highlands location, emphasized that even though the exercise session is short, it is still highly effective. He shared, “Using kickboxing equipment and moves to work the entire body, members get to do aerobic and anaerobic work, cardio, muscle toning, and lots of core in every workout. We know how to challenge members to push their limits, and have a fun – albeit sweaty – time doing it!”

The business idea was first conceived in 2007 by the International Kickboxing Federation Light Middleweight World Champion, Shannon Hudson. His business has since grown to 350 locations internationally. In 2016, 9Round was even named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchises.

These two new franchise locations are already endearing themselves to their neighborhoods. For example, 9Round has graciously sponsored the RB High School PTA, the Miss Poway Pageant, the Willow Grove Educational Foundation, the Guns and Hoses Gold Tournament, and Westview’s Grad Night. Brad stated, “We are always looking into avenues to becoming involved in the communities.”

If you’re interested in trying out 9Round but you’ve never stepped foot into a gym before, Kristin said, “The first time through a workout can be challenging, but after a few sessions, the body adapts quickly and improvements can be very dramatic. Those transformations are awesome to be part of!” Brad added, “Our mission is to help members achieve their fitness goals, no matter what those goals are.”


Name of Business: 9Round 30 Minute Kickbox Fitness
Owner & Manager: Brad Unnasch – Torrey Highlands; Kristin Clover – Rancho Bernardo
Years in Position: Less than a year
Year of Establishment: 2016
Address: Torrey Highlands Location – 7875 Highlands Village Pl., San Diego, CA 92129;
Rancho Bernardo Location – 12125 Alta Carmel Ct., San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: TH: 858-240-7268, RB: 858-485-9292
Description of Business: A super fun full-body workout with a personal trainer in only 30 minutes! There are no class times and workouts change daily.